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Meet Phyllis Pettit, Lab Manager

May 30, 2017
Phyllis Pettit

While SGS Govmark is known for its leadership in fire and flammability testing, it’s our people who make us great. We’ll be featuring a new employee profile to give you a peek behind the scenes at the fantastic team that’s the secret to our success.

Featured in our first interview, VP/Lab Manager Phyllis Pettit went from studying textiles at the Fashion Institute of Technology to discovering her satisfaction in keeping potentially dangerous products off the market. Not to mention, what the strangest thing that’s ever happened to her on the job. Read her fascinating story below:

What’s your story? What did you go to school for and how did you wind up working at SGS Govmark?

I went to The High School of Fashion Industries and studied textiles…Love at first sight. I continued my education at FIT where I hold a BS degree in textiles. After moving to Long Island, I remembered a test lab I used named SGS Govmark. After several interviews, I was happy to become part of this incredible team. I have been with SGS Govmark for 13 years.

Meet Phyllis Pettit
Meet Phyllis Pettit

What’s something interesting about your job that no one would know about?

We interact on a global scale, testing for some of the most leading edge companies in the world.

What fires you about working in flammability testing?

Knowing at the end of the day, we are keeping potentially dangerous products off market, is very satisfying.

What’s the strangest thing that’s happened on the job?

Having been a former client of SGS Govmark, my colleague presented me with the original test request I had sent to SGS Govmark so many years ago. Pretty Cool!

Meet Phyllis Pettit
Meet Phyllis Pettit

What’s the one thing you wish your clients knew about flammability testing?

Test reports don’t have an expiration date, however products should be tested on a regular basis to ensure the quality you are guaranteeing.

If someone wanted to work in fire testing, what advice would you give them?

Go for it! I love coming to work every day.

Stay tuned for more SGS Govmark profiles coming soon!

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