Wire & Cable Fire & Flammability Testing

SGS Govmark's Fire & Flammability Testing

SGS Govmark Wire & Cable Fire & Flammability Testing

As of 2014, Govmark has added Wire and Cable to our core testing competencies. We've expanded our facilities to now include space dedicated solely to wire and cable testing.

SGS Govmark offers a full range of wire and cable flammability testing services such as, but not limited to:

  • IEEE 383
  • IEEE 1202
  • UL-1685 Section 4
  • UL-1685 Section 12
  • UL-1581 VW1

SGS Govmark has the ability to customize testing methods and procedures ensuring that we perform the right tests for your needs. All testing is performed in strict accordance with specific methods. When testing with SGS Govmark, you can rest assured that years of experience and knowledge will ensure that your materials are tested accurately and promptly.

Further to our Wire & Cable Fire Testing, please visit our Rail Transportation and Aircraft Industries page for additional required tests.

For more information about SGS Govmark's Wire & Cable Fire Testing Services, please click here to request a quote.