Physical Textile Testing

Physical Testing for materials, plastics, and textiles

Physical Textile Testing Test Lists By Document Number

The test standard number is offered to assist the reader with requesting a quote. This test standard list gives a broad overview of the tests that SGS Govmark can perform in its fire-testing lab. Please enter the Test Standard Number in your request for a quote. In response, SGS Govmark will issue a quote for that particular standard. As this is a partial list, SGS Govmark would appreciate inquiries for test numbers not listed herein. If you are unable to identify a test standard number, kindly browse the other lists for assistance.

This is a partial list. For additional information on SGS Govmark testing services, please contact us to request a quote.

  • ASTM D 751
  • ASTM D 3690
  • ASTM D 4157
  • ASTM F 793
  • CCC-W-408A