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How to Comply with the Children's Sleepwear Flammability Standards

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How To Comply with Children's Sleepwear Flammability Standards

The Children's sleepwear regulations (CFR 1615 & CFR 1616) are extremely detailed and extremely complex in nature.

This information bulletin is meant to introduce the reader to some of the steps needed to be taken to comply with the regulations.

Increased enforcement by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is leading to increased recalls of noncomplying garments.

The definition of children's sleepwear is extracted "in part" from CFR 1615 and CFR 1616 as follows:

Children's sleepwear means any product of wearing apparel up to and including size 14, such as nightgowns, pajamas, or similar related items, such as robes, intended to be worn primarily for sleeping or activities related to sleeping.

Some tight fitting garments such as "ski pajamas" are excluded from these detailed requirements.

The reader should consult the provisions of CFR 1615 and CFR 1616 which describe the measurement procedure to be followed to determine if a garment is "tight fitting".

Even if a product is excluded from the CFR 1615 and CFR 1616 procedures, the fabric and wide trim used in these tight fitting garments must still meet the flammability requirement of CFR 1610 which rules out fabrics that burn rapidly and intensely.

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