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CFR title 1610

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CFR 1610 Childrens Sleepwear Sketch
Part 1610 — Standard for the Flammability of Clothing Textiles (previously described by CS 191-53)


Federal flammability standard for all fabrics used in general wearing apparel.

[Does not include certain children's sleepwear items which are regulated by CFR Title 16 Part 1615 (FF 3-71) and CFR Title 16 Part 1616 (FF 5-74).]

Brief Description of Test

The test material is held on three sides by a metal frame. The material is then placed into the tester and sits at a 45º angle. The surface of the test specimen is touched by a 5/8" (16 mm) long, pencil-thin flame for a period of 1 second. If the material is ignited, the testing machine automatically records the total time for a 5" (127 mm) strip of the material to be consumed.

Classification Scheme:

Prepare 10 full size panels. Submit 5 full size panels for testing and retain 5 full size panels.

Raised Surface Material Plain Surface Material
Class I:Normal Flammability 7.0 seconds minimum or
No recordable burning time
3.5 seconds minimum or
No recordable burning time
Class II:Intermediate Flammability 4.0 to 7.0 seconds Not applicable
Class III:Rapid & intense burning Less than 4.0 seconds Less than 3.5 seconds

Acceptance Criteria

Burning Time (Seconds)
Raised Surface Material: 4.0 seconds minimum average or non-ignition
Raised Surface Material: 3.5 seconds minimum average or non-ignition

* While the federal regulation permits a minimum burning time of 4 seconds for raised surface materials such as flannel, terrycloth, etc., some U.S.A. retailers require a slower burning time of 7 seconds.

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