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Govmark published handbook on the fire testing of contract fabrics and furnishings used in public buildings

This all-inclusive book summarizes and demonstrates the various fire tests that products need to undergo to be used in public buildings such as hotels, medical facilities, large assembly occupancies, penal institutions, etc.

Chapters are dedicated to carpeting and floor coverings, draperies, mattresses, upholstered furniture, and wall coverings (interior finish).

The book contains over 35 summaries and sketches of test methods and requirements issued by ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials), ICC (International Code Council), NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), City of Boston, Canada/ULC, and the State of California.

The book looks at federal requirements, city and state requirements and those requirements which are contained in the two major model building codes promulgated by NFPA and the ICC.

The book is an invaluable tool to assist manufacturers, suppliers, architectural firms, specifiers and others who need to know which test standards have to be complied with to satisfy the codes and code officials.

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