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About SGS Govmark


Established in 1971, SGS Govmark has been a trusted name in the fire testing industry all these many years. As a major independent laboratory for Fire, Flammability & Physical testing — SGS Govmark's testing reports are accepted worldwide. SGS Govmark is recognized by such agencies as Airbus, Boeing, Boston Fire Department, California State Fire Code Authorities, Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Federal Railroad Organization (FRA), International Maritime Organization (IMO), Miami Fire Marshal, New York Fire Marshals, major retailers and many others.

SGS Govmark's 15,000 square foot fire testing facility is headquartered in Farmingdale, NY, conveniently located near all major New York airports and within one hour from Manhattan.

SGS Govmark also has a rich, pioneering history of the manufacturing of fire testing instruments that has recently been acquired by Deatak Testing Instruments (formerly SGS Govmark, LTD).

The sale of the instrument division allows SGS Govmark to increase the resources that are employed in the fire testing & physical testing laboratory. This will result in the exponential expansion of all of its fire & flammability testing solutions for all companies that need to meet the demands of the increasing number of firecodes & enforcement of these fire codes in the world marketplace.


As a leader in the fire testing industry, SGS Govmark's knowledge of federal and state fire testing codes is unparalleled, a value-added service that our customers have grown to rely on. As a SGS Govmark client, there will be no guesswork in what tests or testing equipment you need. We know the answers and we know the laws. SGS Govmark will not only make sure you conduct the proper testing, we will make sure the tests are conducted properly.

As of 2014 Govmark has added Wire and Cable to our core testing competencies. We've expanded our facilities to now include space dedicated solely to offer a full range of wire and cable flammability testing services.

We are more than just fire testing. As a full service laboratory, SGS Govmark offers a wide range of physical tests such as abrasion, colorfastness, strength, and more. Our expertise spans all industries and fields, including aircraft interiors, rail and mass transit interiors, public building and municipality contents (draperies, upholsteries, wall-coverings, etc), apparel, and camping products.

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Fire & Flammability Testing services

SGS Govmark's fire & flammability testing services are recognized both nationally and globally. Our testing is in strict accordance with the procedures mandated by various organizations. Learn More about Fire & Flammability Testing

Aerospace, Rail and Transportation Testing services

With an intimate knowledge of Aerospace, Rail, & Transportation Testing requirements and regulations, SGS Govmark takes the guesswork out of what tests and equipment are right for your product. Learn More about Transportation Testing

Physical Textile Testing services

Is it tough enough? Does your material stand up to the industry requirements for strength, wear, and colorfastness? SGS Govmark Textile Testing not only certifies your material, but it also ensures customer satisfaction. Learn More about Textile Testing

Wire & Cable Testing services

SGS Govmark has expanded our test facilities to include space dedicated solely to wire and cable testing. SGS Govmark offers a full range of wire and cable flammablity testing services such as IEE 383, IEEE 1202, UL-1685 Section 4, UL-1685 Section 12, and UL-1581 VW1. Learn More about Wire & Cable Testing

Fire & Flammability Testing services

In addition to our fire & flammability testing services, SGS Govmark is a leading manufacturer of fire & flammability testing instruments for use in your own lab or manufacturing plant. Browse our testing machines. Learn More about SGS Govmark Instruments